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I like appreciating small things. I get that from my dad. He tells me excitedly about things he sees — a weeping willow, a bunch of vultures on a wire, an ice covered branch. It’s sad that he doesn’t know how to work his motorola flip phone better because I’m SURE I would be getting blurry pictures of cool trees out the wazoo.

(Also, I looked up the technical term for “a bunch of vultures” and it’s “a wake, committee, venue, kettle, or volt” which ALL sound fake so I refuse to use any of them.)

During the summer I started to get into the habit of writing down one thing I was grateful for each day. I really do believe in the whole “every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day” philosophy.

You can bet your bottom dollar that when I’m a mom I’ll be purchasing a driftwood plaque with that saying painted on it for $19.99 from TJ Maxx for our beach home. It’s going right next to our sea glass mosaic that spells out “Relax” and the “It’s five o’clock somewhere!” picture Nancy gave me during our annual book club Secret Santa. She knows me too well.

Anyway. I’m starting this series called good things on my blog. Pretty simple and self-explanatory but I’m amped. 😎

// Here’s some Good Things™ from the week of January 4, 2016:

My brother is learning Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here on the guitar and hearing the notes drift from his room to mine is soothing.

Watching Magic Mike XXL (for the second time) with my pals Olivia and Caitlin. I love this movie, man. It has heart, it has soul, it has Matt Bomber’s objectively perfect face. (Also, tell me that his character isn’t Harry Styles in an alternate stripper universe.)

Being able to walk outside at night and see STARS!!!! You don’t really get that in Boston. When I’m at school in the city I usually just pretend that any flashing, moving light in the sky is a star. Desperate times.

Having an honest conversation with my friend Erin about studying abroad (I’m going to England next semester, she’s going to Hungary). We’re both nervous about it and it was nice to talk it over with someone who gets it. I’d say I’m about 2% excited and 98% terrified right now.

My brand is ‘Gets Nervous Over Things People Are Supposed To Be Pumped For’ so I think I’m maintaining brand integrity quite well. During our second meeting my study abroad advisor stopped and said, “You… you know you’re supposed to be excited about this, right?” Yeah, I know Joe, but I have a BRAND to think about!!!!! All of our interactions were kind of awkward; I’m always uncomfortable around tall, kind, advisor-type men. I felt the same about my high school guidance counselor. Just like, be a bit colder and emotionally guarded, will you???)


Going to this ceramic-painting place with a couple of friends. It was relaxing and we all got so into we somehow spent over three hours painting those tiny, overpriced things!!!

(Mine’s the moon candle holder. After painting it I realized that this rendering of the moon sort of looks like Donald Trump but I don’t want to think about it too deeply because I don’t want to insult my love, the moon.)

This Carrie Fisher quote. It’s exactly what I needed.

Friends sending me pictures of their dogs — which is the BEST thing about winter break. During the school year the only snaps of pups I receive are sporadic, blurry, distant photos of a stranger’s dog on the street — don’t get me wrong, I love and appreciate them fully — but currently my dog photo harvests are bountiful and I feel anew, tbh.

Look at my friends’ dogs!!!!! Apparently I subconsciously organized them into warm tones and cool tones (or in 90s makeup catalog terms, summers and winters.)

Okay, this concludes the first installment of Good Things. I still don’t know how to end posts so here’s another video of a puppy.

I distinctly remember my friend sending me this video a few years back. When I first watched it, I yelled for a solid like, 30 seconds. My other friend calmly turned to me and asked, “Is it dogs or One Direction?” This question made it very clear she understood the true depths of my psyche.

(Also! Feel free to share any good things from your week with me either on here or twitter, I’m @Cara_Pond over there!)


3 thoughts on “good things / one

  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE the way you write, I was actually laughing out loud in this barnes and noble which caused several people to look at me weirdly. This “good things” is such a good idea! A good thing that happened for me this week was that I managed to climb about 3/4 of the way to the top of my pole in my pole dance class! It was quite exciting, to be finally making progress. I have always started and stopped and started and stopped throughout the years but I’ve finally found a studio I love with a good instructor and can be practicing consistently so I’m really really happy about that 🙂 Oh, and I love “wish you were here,” I grew up in a very musical house and my brother is actually a crazy talented guitar player and has played this song before. I am a very mediocre guitar player but I hope to learn this song someday cause it is very lovely.


    1. THANK YOU!!!!! Literally the best compliment someone can give me is complimenting my writing :’) I think it’s SO COOL that you pole dance, I’m always so impressed by the skill and strength it must take. Ahhh that’s awesome, I haven’t been home in months so I wonder if my brother’s finished learning it yet, I’ll have to ask him. It really is a beautiful song 😌


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