good things / two


Hellllooooooo, pals. It’s been awhile, eh?

I was teaching y’all that nothing is certain and you can’t rely on anyone, so you’re welcome for that priceless life lesson that I graciously provided free of charge.

Jokes, I’m just studying abroad in England and trying to #live #in the #moment, ya feel?

But no one cares about excuses so let’s get into the Main Attraction, the Entreé of this post: Good Things™: Part Two!!!!!!!!

I had a Perfect Moment this afternoon. I was showering, the sun was gently shining through the curtains, I was listening to SZA’s album for the first time and I recognized that I’m just a minuscule blip of a blip in the universe’s timeline. I’m always comforted by my cosmic tininess.

That moment mattered to no one but me but it was perfect. 

And I felt EUPHORIC listening to SZA’s album ‘Z’ for the first time. I haven’t felt that way listening to an album in a minute. Highly, highly, highly recommend. Nothing’s better than some good tunes and basking in the universe’s indifference.

I went to the Warner Brother’s Harry Potter Studio Tour yesterday and WOW, WHATTA DAY. I went with three pals I’ve met on my study abroad program. There was something really cool about being nostalgic around new friends. 

Plus the tour was a MAGICAL, EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL wonderland.

I bought Soap & Glory’s body butter, The Righteous Butter the other day and man, what a perfect moisturizing experience!!!!! It smells great, the packaging is an incredible shade of pink, and it leaves your skin feeling HYDRATED and POWERFUL.

I distinctly remember the second day I was in England I thought, “dang, there’s no one walking their dogs around here :/” BOY, WAS I WRONG. People in England LOVE their dogs and I love them for it. During the colder months every single pup I saw was donning a coat. Once I saw a terrier wearing a SCARF.

And they’re all so well-behaved! A lot of the time the owners won’t even have them on leashes, even on city streets!!!! The level of trust between the dogs and their owners in England is so pure and inspiring. I hope to one day achieve it with a creature of another species.

I went to Ireland with Erin last weekend and it was a great couple of days. The high point for me was doing a four mile walk in the countryside in the pouring rain to get to a dilapidated, crumbling castle — my favorite kind.

It was green everywhere, yellow flowers lined the path, someone had placed tiny fairy doors on some of the trees.

Erin was playing some Irish tunes as we walked and even though I was freezing and soaked, I couldn’t stop smiling. It was magic.

It takes a truly stunning place to be beautiful through rain and cold and man, Ireland is definitely one of those spots.

Also!!!! Through this I discovered Irish music makes me incredibly happy!!! If you want a taste, listen to Erin’s playlist that acted as the soundtrack to our Ireland trip 😌

Me being a happy green marshmallow in Ireland.

Adding Erin’s mom on Facebook has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in 2k16 so far. She recently posted this picture with the caption “Charlee is stuck.” Incredible!!!!


I watched a really great scary movie with my housemates the other night called ‘It Follows.’ It was the best scary movie I’ve seen in a while and you should definitely, definitely watch it if you like scary movies.

My housemates and I have been trying to have a movie night since we got here and I’m proud to say that finally, four months into our study abroad experience, we actualized our dream.

OKAY I have a lot more good things floating around in my skull but I’m going to cut it short because the ratio of time spent on this post to words written is atrocious and I have books to read! Papers to write! Existential crises to have!

Also I feel like this post wasn’t on par with my other ones… I basically just said “amazing” and “incredible” a bunch of times but I will cut myself some slack and release it into the wild.

As usual, here’s a dog video to end off this post. It’s combining two of my favorite things — One Direction and dogs. It’s ridiculous and so true to what the internet was in 2012, I needed 2 share.


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