august favorites

Hi, I liked some things in August. I’m going to talk about them. Now you get to decide whether you want to decode the symbols (frequently called “letters,” I’ve been told) I placed together and churn them into information or grab some friends, slather crisco on a watermelon, throw it in a pool, and try to catch that slippery, slippery boy. You could do both, I guess. It’s a free-ish country.

My first favorite is a place in Boston I came across while tagging along with Erin to look at apartments. We had just seen a shit place that didn’t have doors on the bedroom or the bathroom and the realtor was a douchebag wearing flip flops who replied “I don’t live around here, google it” after he asked if we had any questions.

 Ricky’s Flower Market was a holy green oasis in a desert of cargo-shorted real estate agents. It’s in Somerville and if you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend you check it out. We spent a good 40 mins wandering around the flowers and greenery and I felt REBORN. They even had a DIY terrarium station! How goddamn quaint, Ricky’s!!!! 

I hiked a mountain this month, y’all. It’s a lot less impressive when I tell you my brother hiked one or two mountains a day for five days while we were in New Hampshire but S T I L L. My insignificant human body climbed a 400-million-year-old rock formation created from Earth’s tectonic plates crashing together. That’s cool.

The mountain was Mount Monadnock. It’s located in Jaffrey, New Hampshire and it’s one of most frequently climbed mountains in the world. Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau wrote about it! (Look at me like, actually stating facts? Spreading knowledge through words? I’m incredible.) 

I made a little video about my New Hampshire trip / the hike for my podcast’s Patreon but I’ll give you a sneaky peek


Pixielocks was my favorite youtuber I found this month. She’s adorable and charming as heck, man. I found her through her “Things People Don’t Tell You About Japan” video. (I’ve been watching a lot of videos about trips to Japan as if I have more than $2 in quarters to my name.) Her rainbow party aesthetic calls to me and quenches a glittery thirst I didn’t know I had. All I want to do is swap cat pictures with her and cry about Drew Monson while a magical sparkly pink haze envelopes us in a warm embrace.

Speaking of cats ā€” I, uh, adopted two. I didn’t mean for this to happen!!!!!! Ripley and I fostered two cats during the school year and it all went according to plan! They were scared and a bit mean and just hid under the bathroom sink even though we tried coaxing them out with overpriced treats and catnip. I decided to foster while in Boston for the summer so I had some tiny furry pals to keep me company.  

Enter: Amy and Sherman. 

My mom warned me against fostering; she said I’d get too attached. I just laughed and told it would be fine, I’ve done it before. Cut to me texting Marina, the woman I foster through, a week and a half into having them saying that I would die for Sherman and can’t live without him. And then me crying for two days straight at the thought of never having Amy curl up on my chest and nuzzle my face again (she’s currently doing so as I write this). Plus I didn’t want to separate them!!!! They love to play-fight and zoom around and Amy cleans Sherm’s fur and it’s just unbearably CUTE. So, I adopted both of them. 

Why are moms always right?

(I started an Instagram for them if you’d like to follow for more cat content. Cat-tent, if you will. @shermamypond

HOUSE HUNTERS INTER-GODDAMN-NATIONAL, BABY. This show has it all: houses and people hunting for them. It’s a delight. I enjoy watching couples passive aggressively argue on camera while forcing realtors to find places to fit their unreasonable American needs. I also love remembering that I could rent a nicer apartment in Italy ā€” or any place in the entire world, really ā€” for the same price that I rent in Boston.

Here’s a gem of an interaction from season 90, episode 78: A Taste of Taormina. 

Last but not at all least: “Islands in the Stream” by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton was the only song that mattered to me this month. It’s a perfect summer evening tune and I won’t hear a word of disagreement. We’re just islands in the stream, baby. Whatever that means. 

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